Current Ferrous Prices

Current Ferrous Prices at Dover Scrap

At Dover Scrap we strive to keep our ferrous prices as up-to-date as possible.

For more information, please contact our buyers, Forrest at (443) 617-5773 or Jon at (240) 695-4133, during normal business hours.

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Ferrous Pricing Price:
Sheet $9.00 per 100lbs
Cars (w/title) $9.00 per 100lbs
1P (Prepared) $11.00  per 100lbs
#1 Unprepared $9.50 per 100lbs
Falca $10.00 per 100lbs
Rebar $2.00 per 100lbs
Cars (w/out title) $7.00 per 100lbs

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